Saturday, March 30, 2013


If I fall in illness a person will come.
When I fall in trap a person will come.
If I fall in a trap I never feel afraid.
When I fall in crisis in a big problem I never feel anything.
If I take any challenge I never feel anxious.
If I become wrong I believe one person will make me write.
If I lost everything I strongly believe I shall never lose one things.
If everybody avoids me I believe one of person could not avoid me.
May be all of people can hit me but one person cannot do it.
This person is my friends.
I have strong confidence on my friends.
He is nice and cute person.
He has strong personality.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013


          Love is like a relationship
Love is the power that brings us 2gether
Love is like a dial that runs past
Love is the power that makes r hearts beat
Love is only there 4 the people that know how 2 use it.
Love is no money making machine
Love is something that takes time 2 find us
Love is all that ALLAH wants us 2 have.

          I love to talk with love.
Talk to me love.
Say it again loves.
I love to walk with love.
Over and over love
But I have run from love.
And I am crazy for love
Love….. Love…. Love.

          Love hurts
But it should never strike
Love can be lovely
Love should be happy
No tears should flow
Love should b forever
Not a broken heart
Love is what love wants
But u r the only one that controls the love
So, what’s love?

Friday, March 1, 2013


Lonely is out of argument.
No company for loneliness.
Every night come to with sorrow.
Every morning start with my cry.
I dry my eyes with midday sun.
Do you know? Every thing is happening only for you.

When I think you I lose my life lyric.
When I think you I lose my song.
I cannot sing a song.
When I think you I cannot love anyone.
Believe me many lovers have come in my life.
But I could not love them.

I shall never compare my love with pearls.
I could not remind such a thing that is more valuable than you.
I could not think a moment without a day.
So how can I live without you?


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