Tuesday, March 26, 2013


          Love is like a relationship
Love is the power that brings us 2gether
Love is like a dial that runs past
Love is the power that makes r hearts beat
Love is only there 4 the people that know how 2 use it.
Love is no money making machine
Love is something that takes time 2 find us
Love is all that ALLAH wants us 2 have.

          I love to talk with love.
Talk to me love.
Say it again loves.
I love to walk with love.
Over and over love
But I have run from love.
And I am crazy for love
Love….. Love…. Love.

          Love hurts
But it should never strike
Love can be lovely
Love should be happy
No tears should flow
Love should b forever
Not a broken heart
Love is what love wants
But u r the only one that controls the love
So, what’s love?


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