Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fantastic & CuteLove sms

   *I find u and I miss u like pran chatne.
     Do u find me and miss me like pran chatne?

 *TEARS of Eyes is so so so so so VALUABLE.
    SPEECH of lips is so so so so POWERFUL.
    HEART with love is so so so  BEAUTIFUL.
    But relationship with u is MOST WONDERFUL.

* I love u and I promise u I will never change
    I love u and I promise u I will watch over u
    can’t help but to treasure u
    Love u…

*Like fate, eyes watch only one place
   U touched my heart that used to be ICE in front of the world

* Love and trust are based on facts and acts.........
  One wrong act can break one's trust, whereas one small fact can make one fall in love.....!


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