Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sweet / love/ Cute SMS

*     Love Two People In This World The Most:-
1) The One Who Has Given Birth To You.
2) The One Who Has Taken Birth Just For You...

*     Response' is one of the strongest weapon to occupy a place in            someone's 'HEART'.
So, always give the best response to the person who cares for u..Great day !

*     Respect The Emotions In Someone's Heart,
Rather Than
The Expressions On Someone's Face
Because Expression is just a Formality
But Emotions are Reality.

*     R-for Rose
Rose-for Red
Red-for Blood
Blood-for Heart
Heart- for Love
Love- for You
Plz receive my LOVE.
I’m so  hot & beautiful.


Awww what a nice and sweet post! I love this collection of love messages. They remind me how good it is to feel love and experience it. thanks!

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