Friday, January 4, 2013

Fantastic/Cute/Lovely SMS

Love can't define. It is a feeling between two  hearts. Love give everything , sorrow, happiness. It takes more but give Nothing  . so 1st think then love..

Live 4 the person who dies 4 U
Smile 4 the person who cries 4 U
Fight 4 the person who protects U
Remember 4 the person who think about U
Love 4 the person who love U more than U

Heart Is Like A Bottle Of Perfume.
If You  Never Open It
Nobody Knows the Fragrance Inside It
If you Keep It Always Open
Soon you Will Loose Ur Fragrance.
So Act Wisely..

When Lots Of People Starts 2 Love U,
U May Get Confused Whom To love
Just Tell them I Hate U,
Evry1 Will Get Back,
But  Not the  Person  Who Love U Truly..


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