Tuesday, January 8, 2013


*          Love is blind
Love is eyed
Love is sweet
Love is care
Love is peace
Love is violent
Love is clear
Love is dirty
Love is heaven

*          Love is crashing
But Love means everything.
Without Love  The WORLD can’t exit.

*          Love is the gift of emotion. For this reason, I love u from my heart.  Plz love me. Without yr love I can’t survive in this world.

*          I can never get my mind off her,
I wonder if she'd mind if i'd,
make her my own,
and never let her go,
bcoz I love her so much.

*          Your warm touch makes me feel like male
Your negligence burns me like hell
O love! love !!  love !!!   love !!!!   love !!!!!
What is love baby who can tell?

*          I am in love
In love with Joy
In love with dream
In love with anger
In love with frustration
In love with Tears
In love with Me.


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